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Permit me to tell you about…Policies and Permissions in FulfILLment!

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Policies and Permissions in FulfILLment will be very flexible and highly configurable. Read on to learn more.

    • FulfILLment will have the ability to create policies to determine/control patron eligibility. This is flexible down to specific libraries or specific item types.
    • Authorized staff will be able to create org groupings to funnel patrons into searching pre-defined groups (county-wide, regional, state, school, etc.).
    • FulfILLment will allow blocking of material types at specific libraries from filling ILL for all or specific patrons or groups.
    • Circulation policy can be generated from either the owning or lending library policies.
    • When an item is put in transit to a library to fill an ILL request, a brief bib record is pushed to the home ILS system (if the system permits it) to facilitate checkout. If the home ILS does not permit it, then staff will need to create a brief record.
    • The Administration module will allow local definition of what actions staff may perform and at what locations.
    • The Administration module also allows fine granularity of policies and permissions to be set/configured. Here are a few examples:
      1. The ability to configure max requests per patron.
      2. The “Need by date for material can be configured.
      3. Org units can be configured to be valid pick-up locations.
      4. The ability to designate a library to be the lender of last resort.
      5. Renewals will be configurable on a material type or library-by-library basis.
      6. The ability to configure standard processing charges per library. This amount will be visible to patrons in My Requests.

Remember to check back next week. Next week’s post will cover Patrons and Staff Use in FulfILLment.

We’re in the homestretch!

Monday, November 7th, 2011

We are in the final phase of development on the FulfILLment project. Equinox developers Mike Rylander and Michael Smith have been hard at work making improvements, adding functionality to the interface, and making progress on the connectors. The interface now includes transit tracking and enhanced filtering.  The transit tracking UIs allow staff to see ILL transits that are currently in transit. There are many more options for filtering, including allowing filtering by library. Users will appreciate being able to sort the results in a variety of ways. The interfaces are also faster now since some changes were made to the way data is refreshed. Another exciting update is the selection of the final list of connectors to be built as part of the initial development phase of this project. They are (in no particular order):
1. Innovative Interfaces Millenium ILS
2. SirsiDynix Symphony
3. Polaris
4. Ex Libris Aleph
5. Koha
Stay tuned for 2012! It’s going to be an exciting year.

FulfILLment Development Update

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

We are now in the sixth quarter of FulfILLment development at this point in the project. The finish line is nearly in sight. ESI developers, Michael Smith and Mike Rylander have been busy at work streamlining corner cases to make the import of items smoother. The jangle core has been completely integrated into the main body of the FulfILLment code, providing speed advantage. The record ingest is more streamlined now. System tests with the iii connector and the Z39.50 interface have been successful. This will make building future connectors easier. The LAI layer can now pull records in from the iii connector and can show interlibrary loans to and from a library. By the end of this quarter, we hope to have a number of the FulfILLment specific interfaces done. Also, we will have completed more work on the UI and will have more to show in this area. Stay tuned.

Update on 4th Quarter 2010 FulfILLment Development

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

During the fourth quarter of 2010, development continued on the FulfILLment project. FulfILLment is more than halfway completed at this time. Equinox Software, Inc. developers’ Mike Rylander and Michael Smith completed more backend and database work as they continued to integrate and extend the Jangle Core implementation for use with FulfILLment to facilitate inter-operation with end-point ILS’. Work also continued on the LAI connectors, with the second iteration of the Evergreen connector complete, including the framework for configuration file-based connectors for other ILS’. The developers continued to refactor and refine staff and automated workflow design as the specific capabilities of LAI Connectors are planned and designed.

Additionally, progress was made on the User Interface (UI) as well. On the Borrower ILL list, staff will be able to view a list of outstanding ILL transactions for which their institution is the Borrower. On the Borrower ILL request list, staff will be able to view a list of ILL requests for which their institution is the Borrower.  Finally, regarding the Lender ILL request list, staff will be able to view a list of ILL requests for which their institution is the Lender. It is anticipated that the remaining UI development in this area will be completed during this quarter.

No software development project would be complete without testing, testing, and you guessed it, more testing. In keeping with this mantra, full-system load testing is already underway. We started with the throughput testing for MARC import and are pleased to report initial results currently indicate approximately 30 records/second per stream, with stream count limited by number of CPUs.

We’ll have more updates for you in the future as we continue to make progress.