Plays Well with Others and Shares its Toys

We’ve recently finished the third quarter of development on the FulfILLment project and are into the fourth quarter. FulfILLment is still on schedule for completion by the end of the fourth quarter in 2011. Thank you to OHIONET and all of the other development partners who continue to make this development possible.

Mike Rylander and Michael Smith (both developers with Equinox Software, Inc.) continued to work on the backend and database. Their work makes it possible to place holds directly on metarecords from the main result screen in FulfILLment. They also continued to work on the Jangle Core, which facilitates communication with other ILS. Development also continued on the patron, item, and record caching. This means information can be cached within FulfILLment for the purpose of managing ILL requests and transactions. The Evergreen connector is substantially complete, which means the foundation is in place to build other LAI connectors. Finally, some more development was completed on the UI components for the Next Generation Discovery Interface.

What does all of this mean for libraries? It means that every aspect of FulfILLment is being designed so that it plays well with others, others being other ILS. So, libraries which are happy with their current ILS can still keep it because FulfILLment will be able to communicate with it. However, FulfILLment will also have the scalability of Evergreen and be able to handle the needs of large scale, consolidated consortia. It will combine the best of both worlds. The icing on the cake – FulfILLment shares its toys (i.e., it’s open source software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL), so there will be no licensing fees to budget for.

FulfILLment – plays well with others and shares its toys. That’s good news for libraries and the communities they serve.

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